Dynamic Data Bank - DmDB

Main Features

  • Parameterizable
  • Scalable
  • Multicurrency
  • Multilingual and multinational system
It is centralized & leads to the cutback of the maintenance costs and the reduction of the run-time necessary for synchronizing the separate modules, supports all universal & specific bank operations & provides the dynamics and security any modern bank needs.

Architecture & Technical FeaturesPC based servers, independent platform, low bandwidth requirements...

 Bank Cards

Functional Modules.

  • Communication section carries out the connection with VISA, MASTERCARD and with the National authorization center.
  • System for issuing and managing of international bank cards VISA, MASTERCARD.
  • System for processing authorization messages and transaction data, received from the National authorization center.
  • System for processing financial messages, received from VISA, MASTERCARD, the National authorization center when performing transactions with bank cards of the Bank at ATMs not belonging to the bank where they have their account or in the country where their accounts are held...