Mobile banking

Design, development and implementation of functional, secure and user-friendly mobile banking applications by individuals and businesses.

Main characteristics:

  • Implementation of technologies ensuring secure operations and ease of access.
  • Integration of various banking functionalities with the possibility of expansion and change.
  • Convenient design and navigation when performing operations.
  • Quick and easy access to reference information for accounts, bank cards, loans, etc.
  • Option to run the application on more than one mobile device at the same time.

Various functionalities:

  • ordering local and foreign currency payments in the country and abroad - between own accounts, to arbitrary recipients and pre-assigned counterparties;
  • ordering emergency interbank local currency payments through the RTGS system;
  • bank card management - blocking, unblocking, limit and rights management;
  • confirmation of mass files and transfers ordered through Internet banking;
  • ´budget transfers;
  • payment of utility bills;
  • payment with 10 digit code;
  • negotiating a currency exchange rate for making transfers and buying and selling currency;
  • information on consumer credit and credit card obligations. Easy and convenient repayment;
  • printing of payment orders, incl. SWIFT Confirmation;
  • rich reference information for accounts and bank cards - recent movements, statements and account balances, executed transactions and cash back on bank cards;
  • pmaps and office hours at ATMs. Localization and navigation to the nearest sites.