- Online system for electronic payments.

ePay.bg is a system for online payments with bank cards or Microaccounts.The system supports the following services:

  • Every registered customer is able to purchase goods and services over the Internet and pay with his bank card and/or his ePay.bg Microaccount;
  • Every Bulgarian merchant or service organization could accept payments over the Internet performed with national debit cards with the BORIKA brand logo and/or with international credit cards, as well as with ePay.bg Microaccounts;
  • The registered users could pay their utility billls for electricity, central heating, water supply, telephone GSM, cabel TV, as well as taxes, fees and insuarnces;
  • All users could be transferred money on their ePay.bg Microacounts.

For settling bills and processing payments through the system one of the following payment instruments could be used: debit cards with the BORIKA brand logo, international credit cards MasterCard and Visa and Microaccounts. The Microaccount is managed and funded exclusively on the Internet and with it all users registered in ePay.bg could easily pay bills and receive funds.

- Postal money transfers and payment services.

Easypay PLC is the licensed operator of Easypay.bg – system for real-time money transfers and payments from and to any location throughout the country. The company is part of the holding DATAMAX SYSTEM JSC, internationally acknowledged leader in the IT market sector with over twelve years of experience in the bank software development and in the design of payment systems.

Easypay PLC is certified with a licence by the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) to provide the service “postal money orders” on the territory of the entire country. The overall activity of the company is coordinated and carried out under the supervision of CRC.

Easypay PLC develops and commands a network of bank offices, commercial chains, petrol stations and other organizations and offers a wide range of payment services. Presently the number of the Easypay offices exceeds 300 and it is expected that by the end of the year their number will grow to 600 and in the next two years it will exceed 2 000.

Easypay.bg is a world-class payment and financial services system that efficiently and economically moves money around the country or close to home and facilitates the customers by permitting them to conveniently perform their payments or to transfer their money from any office, no matter the location. The system saves time and ensures safety and reliability for all types of payments.