Main products overview:

Centralized bank information system

Two Real-World Examples of Successful ERP Implementations - Central Cooperative Bank and First Investment Bank The application includes not only comprehensive accounting registers but a wide spectrum of bank operations – in one system are integrated credits, deals, Government securities and Corporate securities, funds available in foreign currency, national and international payment operations, card services, budget, statistical accounting and inter-branch online communication.

System for processing payments with national debit cards with the BORIKA logo (1996);

System for remote bank services "HomeBanking" (1997);

Integrated system for investment intermediaries (1998) – First financial brokerage house;

System for processing payments with credit cards AmericanExpress (1998);

System for clearing and settlement of international debit card transactions with Cirrus/Maestro and with credit cards MasterCard.

System application for merchants who accept payments with credit and debit cards VISA (1999);

System for online bank card payments

The system for online payments was launched in October 1999 when was performed the first debit card payment in a Bulgarian e-shop. Ever since, the system is increasingly gaining popularity and is becoming more and more sophisticated and ultimately more user-friendly web-based system for facilitation of remote payments. It is no surprise then that is enjoying the complete confidence of the end-users, largely due to the company efforts to conform to the customers needs and requirements and to offer reliable payment services based on up-to-date information technologies.

Accounting and Warehouse inventory control system (2000);

System for periodic bill payments at ÀÒÌ terminals (2000);

We provide our secure and convenient solution for utility bill payments with a debit card through an ATM terminal in cooperation with the card operator BORIKA.

System for periodic bill payments over a digital phone – ePayVoice (2001)

The system ePayVoice makes it easy for our customers to pay for a variety of utilities from the comfort of their homes using a landline digital phone or a mobile phone and a bank card – electricity, central heating, telephone, GSM and water bills.

Information system “Electricity Bills” (2001)

Telephone information system for the customers of the Electricity Distribution Company Pazardjik.

Online bank branch (2001)

Allows customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by their retail or virtual bank.


System for online granting of consumer loans (2003).

The system Balcard

WEB based system for managing smart cards (Financial Gateway) 2004 – 4 banks from Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Romania.

System for online access to the Central Credit Register in the Bulgarian National Bank (2004).

The system provides the bank employees with online access to the information preserved in the BNB Central Credit Register.

System for SMS notifications on the available funds and for bank card payments (2004).

The system for SMS notifications affords customers with bank cards the opportunity to receive in a convenient way information for the card payments performed by or to them, for the accessible limits and the funds available on their cards. The system sends in due time short text messages to notify for the bills received by merchants who offer periodic payments (electricity, central heating, GSM etc.) and for a wide range of other financial and bank services.


System for bill payments and for prepayments in favor of à great number of commercial entities, municipalities, tax offices and customs agencies with debit and national credit cards Visa and MasterCard (2005).

Easypay – system for postal money orders and payment services.

Easypay commands network of offices located on the territory of the entire country for assisting the customers with the services offered. Through Easypay clients could deposit and withdraw money in cash at any of the system’s cash desks, could pay in cash their utility bills to a registered public company, could perform bank transactions, etc.

ERP system

Integrated system for corporate management in a production enterprise. (2005)

Major features integrated into the bank system during 2006 and 2007

  • Entering IBAN into the integrated bank information system. (2006)
  • Designing and implementing module for accepting orders to buy/sell shares and for connecting the Central Depository and the Stock Exchange to the integrated bank information system. (2006)
  • Development of a Multilanguage version of the integrated bank information system. (2006)
  • Integration of English version and documents in Albanian in First Investment Bank Tirana. (2007)
  • Integration of on-line system localized into Bulgarian and English and with documents in Bulgarian, Greek and English in two countries. Opening a new branch of the Central Cooperative Bank in Cyprus. (2007)
  • Integrating to the bank information system a new module "front office for accepting orders for operations with contractual funds” " and automatic connection to the system of the managing company. (2007)
  • Development of an interface to SEPA (...forthcoming).