A complete automated monitoring system for money laundering and terrorist financing.
The system provides for the prevention, recognition and reporting of attempts to launder money or finance terrorism.

Offers the dynamics and security needed by any modern bank through transaction and face analysis:

Supports external vendor lists, internal blacklisting of suspicious entities, white lists of verified and non-suspicious customers. Provides the ability to apply different algorithms to "fuzzy" search for names and other parameters of the checked person against the persons in lists. Използва се интелигентен алгоритъм за търсене дума по дума с прилагане на различни лимити и правила при незабавни проверки на трансакции.
Supports the initial and subsequent determination of customer risk through user-defined models and analyzes.
Supports ongoing and immediate investigation of individuals and transactions through user-defined analyzes and verifications. Provides a user interface to handle situations requiring manual intervention.
Поддържа ръчно въвеждане или автоматично получаване на данни от въпросници целящи опознаване на клиента преди встъпване в отношения или откриване на нова сметка. На база данните се извършва съкратена или комплексна проверка.
Supports analysis of persons and transactions in detail using user-defined models and analyzes. Analyzes are made on the customer or transaction data accumulated in the system, including historical periods, and allow for updating of customer risk depending on the outcome. Ability to automatically process a set of related results.
The system is easy to manage and provides a quick and convenient method for drawing up inspection models and analyzing the results of their implementation. The data is loaded from a core banking information system according to pre-arranged mechanisms of communication.
The system allows the use of available and usable means of reliable notification. The standard channel is an e-mail to the responsible employees when an event requiring their intervention occurs.
A system with hierarchical user access control is introduced. Data recovery and security functionality has been created. Ability to work on the principle of "four eyes". Module for set-up automatic process. Technical connection security (Digital certificates, VPN channels, etc.).