Digital Sign

INFONOTARY PLC is a business corporation established in 2004 and a registered Provider of certification services for universal electronic signatures according to the provisions of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and as such is licensed by the Communications Regulation Commission from December 2005.;

As a licensee of the CRC, INFONOTARY PLC issues and manages different types of electronic signature certificates, both for private individuals and for legal entities, as well as other certificates with specialized application: for secure electronic correspondence, for identity authentication, for data encryption, for Web server protection, for code signing and etc.

За да покрие всички изисквания на пазара за информационна сигурност и за да утвърди позициите си като доставчик на удостоверителни услуги, Инфонотари разработва и предлага голям набор от други удостоверителни услуги и продукти за информационна и криптографска сигурност:

  • secure email - mediation services for storing and forwarding, composing, sending, receiving and certifying electronic messages;

  • time certification services - verification with independent countersigning of the date and hour, control verification and validation of the electronic documents, electronic signatures and time attestation;

  • i-Notary e-Doc Manager - software for digital signing, encryption and unassailable collection of the electronic documents;

  • i-Notary SMART CARD - Foolproof mechanisms for creating electronic signatures and for safe-keeping of the keys - smart cards, card readers, software for smart card management - i-Notary SMART CARD Manager и др.;

  • guaranteed independent time - reliable and secure source of exact time for synchronization of critical business systems. Encrypted channel for precise communication and for punctuality upheld to the millisecond. Instruments for certification and authentication of the source and the user.