Bank Cards

The Bank card system – supports the registration, the issuing, the management, the processing of the transactions and the support of the funds available. Carried out is connection with MasterCard and VISA, as well as with local /national/ authorization centers.

Functional Modules

  • Communication section - carries out the connection with VISA, MASTERCARD and with the National authorization center.
  • System for issuing and managing of international bank cards - VISA, MASTERCARD.
  • System for processing authorization messages and transaction data, received from the National authorization center.
  • System for processing financial messages, received from VISA, MASTERCARD, the National authorization center - when performing transactions with bank cards of the Bank at ATMs not belonging to the bank where they have their account or in the country where their accounts are held.
  • System for sending financial messages to VISA, MASTERCARD, the National authorization center - when performing transactions with bank cards from another institution at ATMs belonging to the Bank.
  • System for automating the process of matching settlements about the operations performed in the clearing bank.
  • System linking the bank accounting system and the existing system for national debit cards.

Processing Card Transactions

The system maintains and streamlines three basic functions:

  • Issuing and Management of VISA, MASTERCARD and cards of the Bank
  • Processing transactions with VISA, MASTERCARD and cards of the Bank
  • Processing transactions with VISA, MASTERCARD and bank cards from other institutions at ATMs belonging to the Bank

Bank Cards Issuing and Management

  • The system supports the issuing and management of all card types VISA, MASTERCARD and cards of the Bank (VISA Electron, Cirrus Maestro, Classic Credit Card, Gold Credit Card, and Business Credit Card), in line with the international card interfaces of the National authorization center.
  • The system automatically generates number of the card and Latinizes the name of the holder.
  • The system maintains an option for automatic card issuing, trough processing of a file with requests, the format of the file is specified by Datamax. This permits the processing of online requests.
  • Permits the assignment of different accounts for posting the transactions and fees on one card.
  • Permits the management of all card parameters, supported by the National authorization center.
  • Option for receiving online card statements.
  • Automatic reissuing of expired cards.
  • 100% support of the National authorization center interfaces for issuing and management of international cards.
  • Free interest terms definition, both for individual cards and for the different types of card products.
  • Advertising e-mails and SMS.
  • Standard request forms for card issuing.
  • Automatic generation of contracts for all groups of card products.

Operations With International Cards

  • Automatic generation of clearing messages for VISA, MASTERCARD (the corresponding reversal-messages).
  • Processing messages returned from VISA, MASTERCARD, there is an option for corrections.
  • Automated accounting process.
  • Option for managing Merchant Account - parameterization of the certification deadline, the percentage in favor of the bank, the ATM limits with respect to the voice authorization, the management of the automated generation of Presentments (for example: for Internet merchants first is received the confirmation from the bank of the cardholder and then is sent the Presentment).
  • Option for registering merchants and terminals into the system of the National authorization center in order to be accepted payments with another's cards - there is option for managing all parameters relevant for a particular terminal or merchant.


  • In the module for card issuing and management - statistic data about the number of the cards, classified per types and branches; number of accounts; average availability; number of the cardholders; statistic data about the frequently/regularly performed management operations - number of the blocked cards, subdivided by reasons; number of deactivated cards; incidents with cards;
  • Module for processing the transactions with cards issued by the Bank - number of the transactions for a period, per region, per card type; activity of the cardholder - average number of the transactions with a card average transaction amount, transactions subdivided by type of the operation; amount of the fees in favor of the bank; turnovers on a card; as well as information on rejected authorizations, contested payments of a certain cardholder - successful contestations, losses;
  • Module for processing transactions made at terminals - activity of the terminals, turnovers, revenue, contested payments, splits per business type, average transaction amounts per merchant;
  • Accrued bonuses
    • Bonus points
    • Bonus km (miles)
    • Discounts for purchases in the commercial network
  • Billing Statement