Main Features:

  • Parameterizable
  • Scalable
  • Multicurrency
  • Multilingual and multinational system.

It is centralized & leads to the cutback of the maintenance costs and the reduction of the run-time necessary for synchronizing the separate modules, supports all universal & specific bank operations & provides the dynamics and security any modern bank needs.

Accounting & Warehousing

Contain options for integration into core system, for performing complex queries and analysis, gathering and grouping data, defining user group criteria; it is an easy-to-manage system with a fast and smooth way of producing statistic and management reports and a data warehouse as repository of the bank’s corporate memory, containing the raw material for specific reports.

Architecture & Technical Features

PC based servers, independent platform, low bandwidth requirements.

Bank Cards

The bank card system supports the registration, the issuing, the management, the processing of the transactions and the support of the funds available.

Administration & Security

Flexible user role modeling and user permissions settings, data recovery and data security, the “four eyes” principle, automatic debts clearing by customers, etc.

Delivery channels

The system provides users with the flexibility and facilitation to send reliable notifications via the Internet, SMS messages, mobile / IVR, e-mail and courier services.


  • bank system for processing card transactions (MasterCard, Visa, National authorization center);
  • RTGS;
  • SWIFT (SWIFT partner);
  • ASCII files interfaces;
  • XML interface;
  • DMMessage interface;
  • E-credit – mass loan products;
  • All other interfaces can be done up (customized) to the clients needs.

Local Conditions:

  • local general ledger;
  • local central bank reports;
  • information for the Ministry of Finance;
  • Information for monetary authority;
  • interface with local payment systems;
  • interface to local central securities depository;
  • Interface to securities delivery versus payment systems.

Implementation of DMDB Centralized Bank System

  • creating an interface for data migration between the systems;
  • testing the data migration;
  • check reports after the test data migration;
  • “Big Bang” – start in non-working days;
  • check of the migrated data.

Non-centralized Bank System

  • creating an interface for data migration between the systems;
  • testing the data migration for every branch;
  • check reports after the test data migration for every branch;
  • migration of the branches (2, 3 branches per week in non-working hours);
  • check of the migrated data for every branch.

Functional system modules:

Money Lending

Huge variety of loan schemes and high level of automation when servicing customers, suitable range of functionalities for loan products.


The system maintains and operates with a huge variety of retail and corporative overdrafts involving current accounts, debit and credit cards.


The system maintains all types of balance sheet assets, for which are required the procedures provisioning and impairment.

Letters of Credit

The system maintains and operates with all LC types known in the international trade practice and theory.

Bank Guarantees

The system supports all stages of issuing and granting bank guarantees.


Automatically connected register with all system modules.

Credit Cards

Huge variety of options for free definitions and automatic processing of important data – interest terms and conditions, commissions and bank fees, types of balances and etc.

Connected Persons

The system provides register of the connected persons and a module for its control. Flexible & varied reports for specifying the exposition of the individuals connected in the system.


For better management of the bank, the system supports simultaneously more than one basic currency. 90% of the book-keeping apparatus is automated according to the customers operations. Covered is the concept of customizable description of the Chart of accounts in accordance with the bank requirements.

Clearing of Debts

The customer’s debts are automatically cleared when funds are credited into his account.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Mechanisms for managing the customer campaigns carried out by the bank.


Data warehouse module through which could be fixed various ratings based on a model specified by the bank after the BASEL II requirements.

Risk Assessment

System module for identification and assessment of the exposure, potential severity and probability of occurrence of the basic risk types - credit, market (position and rate) an operational according to a model specified by the bank after the BASEL II requirements. Automatic evaluation of the bank capital adequacy tailored after a personalized model.

Module Western Union

This is a feature that allows the fast and easy movement of funds, transactions are automatically uploaded into the system and the transferred money could be received at any cash desk of the bank. The system automatically generates files listing the paid up amounts.

Reports & Statistics

The system provides variety of official reports and statistic data - audit, internal managerial reports, external reports, customer reports, etc. Generator for smooth and easy development of specific reports without changing the software.

Tangible & Intangible Fixed Assets

This system functionality is serviceable and convenient for financial institutions; it is a limited with automatic data processing.

Government & Corporate Securities

Buys/Sales, commissions and fees, accruing interests, blocking and unblocking Government securities etc.


Full scale of the relevant payment-in-cash operations and option for processing documents at any free teller’s desk.

Different Customer Accounts

The system operates smoothly both with and without IBAN numbers.

Automatic Recurring Payments

The collection of recurring payments with different intensity and to/from different contractors can be handled automatically through this feature.


Data processing and automated data interchange for all deals carried into effect by the bank.


All types of operations.

Front Office

Covers all types of services and bank products a customer would expect to be offered at a teller’s desk.

Back Office

Supports the full range of internal, heavyweight IT processing operations that handle position keeping, clearance, and settlement operations, both in the bank branch offices and the head office.