Bank and Card Systems

Моделиране, изграждане и внедряване на
цялостни банкови системи.

General Principles:

  • centralized integrated bank system;
  • customer orientated processing of operations;
  • flexible & easy adaptable thanks to the proprietary
    “data description language” for business logic;
  • scalable;
  • universal & specific bank operations;
  • 24/7 bank working hours;
  • information security.

Main functionality:

  • main customer data – save & trace;
  • payment, saving ande deposit accounts;
  • retail banking;
  • Adaptable credit scoring module with different models
  • corporative banking;
  • Treasury
  • general accounting;
  • different delivery channels;
  • overall limits, exposures & utilizations control;
  • management information on demand;
  • administration & security;
  • audit details;
  • payment system integration (SWIFT incl. gpi, SEPA, Target2, BISERA, RINGS, AIPS, AECH, KIBS, MIPS, MIPS EUR).

Functional modules:

  • communication section – carries out the connection with VISA, MASTERCARD and with the National authorization center;
  • system for issuing and managing of international bank cards – VISA, MASTERCARD;
  • адаптивна и бързо приспособима благодарение на въведения
    „език за описание чрез данни“ на бизнес логиката;
  • system for processing authorization messages and transaction data, received from the National authorization center;
  • system for processing financial messages, received from VISA, MASTERCARD, the National authorization center – when performing transactions with bank cards of the Bank at ATMs not belonging to the bank where they have their account or in the country where their accounts are held.